Welcome to Musically Appetizing!

Musically Appetizing is a teenager-run music news and reviews site. Opened on October 20th 2012, our staff strives to maintain a site where people can share their opinion on music and quickly see the latest in music news, such as:

  • The latest news on music, whether it be a new single or album
  • Reviews about the latest albums
  • Roundups of the latest talk on the hottest new song

We’re different because:

  • We are gossip-free! We put 0% focus on celebrities. This is a music site, NOT a celebrity-tracking hub.
  • We offer multiple reviews on some albums, so that you can see a variety of opinions.
  • We have a special Write a Post page, so that YOU can send us reviews of songs and perhaps be published!
  • We don’t make any money at all, so we’re interested only in running a great news site, not in commercializing everything and trying to bleed out as many quids as possible.

Our Administrative Staff

Ken L.- Editor in Chief: Ken is the editor in chief of Musically Appetizing. He is in charge of the development and administration of the site. He is also a novelist, blogger and armchair historian.

Ethan B.-

Matthew P.-[Ken Tell Me What Position I Am]: Matthew is the adviser at Musically Appetizing. He works on development and appearance, and blogs about his favorite tracks now and then. He is also an armchair historian at Ken’s blog.

Please enjoy Musically Appetizing!